• Northbay has been a blessing to our family for so many reasons. Our two homeschooling days have provided us with wonderful and valued time together, and when we drop our son off at Northbay, it is such a blessing to know that he is allowed and encouraged to include God in everything he learns and everything he does.

    The Seiler Family

Why We Are Different

More than anything else, it is the NorthBay community that makes the school unique. Teachers and families are deeply committed to passing their Christian faith on to their children and thoroughly equipping them academically. They offer each other support, accountability, and encouragement, working as a team to invest their own lives in NCA’s students.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students in Pre-K through eighth grade are taught on campus by their classroom teachers from 9:15am – 3:15pm. Every teacher has at least a Bachelor's Degree in grade level and subject matter.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, students are homeschooled with teacher-directed lesson plans, providing parents the opportunity to be intimately involved in their children’s education.

Friday is on-campus Enrichment Day for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Students begin with a school-wide chapel program, which includes a time of student-led praise and worship and an inspirational speaker who instructs and encourages them in their faith. During the rest of the day, students receive instruction from specialty teachers in art, music, drama, Spanish, and athletics.

NorthBay’s classical approach is specifically designed to develop students’ abilities to think, reason, and articulate. This approach, together with intimate classes and one-on-one teaching at home, has led to academic achievement at NCA that is well above average compared to other schools across the nation. Read more about the Classical approach to education.

Class sizes at NorthBay never exceed 16 students per teacher. This allows for individual attention that enhances learning as well as a mentoring relationship between the student and teacher.

NorthBay's mission is to support Christian families in spiritually and academically
equipping students to take their places in the world as servants of Jesus Christ.
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