What is Classical Education?

Students at NorthBay receive a classical education with a biblical worldview, focusing on mastery of language arts and math and a strong foundation in history and science. Class sizes at NorthBay never exceed 16 students, which allows for individual attention that assists learning as well as a mentoring relationship between each student and teacher. Intimate classes coupled with one-on-one teaching at home have led to academic achievement at NorthBay that is well above average compared to other schools across the nation.

NorthBay’s classical approach is specifically designed to develop students’ abilities to think, reason, and articulate. We believe these skills will serve a student well as he makes his way in the world. They are especially important in helping young Christians avoid vulnerability to deceptive philosophies and equipping them to defend their faith lovingly and eloquently.
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NorthBay's mission is to support Christian families in spiritually and academically
equipping students to take their places in the world as servants of Jesus Christ.
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