• We are blessed to have the most gifted, compassionate, and creative teachers here at NCA. We are thankful for caring teachers and staff who create an environment where questions are encouraged, hands-on activities are plentiful, learning is loved, and godly character is the focus. It’s amazing how our teachers find unique ways to capture interest and engage minds in the learning process.

    The Copek Family

What is a Community School?

The community school model provides parents with the opportunity to be intimately involved in their children’s education by teaching them at home two days per week and through regular service and involvement on campus. The NorthBay community consists of parents, faculty, and staff working together and supporting each other to:

  • Equip Students Academically
  • Help Students Develop a Love for God and His Word
  • Encourage a Deep, Life-Long Relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The parents’ intimate involvement in the school’s daily activities lends itself to a great sense of community among the parents, each of whom share a common vision and a common goal for the spiritual, moral and academic education of their children. The environment on campus complements and reinforces the Christ-centered environments of the families at home.

NorthBay's mission is to support Christian families in spiritually and academically
equipping students to take their places in the world as servants of Jesus Christ.
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